Saturday, September 26, 2009


Put in your earbuds, turn up the volume, and read on...

So imagine this:

You and some close friends, all of whom are musicians, make plans to go out
one evening to enjoy a fancy dinner at a local white-tablecloth establishment,
and then to head to the jazz district to listen to some great music. The dinner
was outstanding: The food was perfect, the wine was sublime, and the conversation
was interesting and spirited, and you - dressed for the occasion in your best
casual-yet-stylish attire - have a warm and cheerful contentment wash over you
as you and your party sip coffee with desert...

A short bit later, you all arrive at the jazz club and take the table reserved
for you near the stage: The place is full, and you watch the band getting ready
to start its second set; as the waitress brings you your drinks (yours is a
smooth Sambuca, perfect for after dinner), the band leader steps up to the mic
and greets the crowd: "Good evening folks... Thanks for coming out tonight...
We're [some band name] in from Atlanta... We'll be here through Thursday
of this week, so come back again and see us... We hope you enjoy the music."

Now, picturing yourself in that scene, play these tunes

    Jeff Lorber
    Don't Hold Back
    from the recording, "Heard That"

    Brian Culbertson
    Always Remember
    from the recording, "Bring Back the Funk"

    Wayman Tisdale
    In The Zone
    from the recording, "Best of Wayman Tisdale"

Having heard these great tunes, how can you NOT TAP ya FOOT when you
listen to these contemporary jazz artists?

As a Christian, I believe that ALL Goodness and Truth and Beauty is a revelation
of God Himself, who is -- together with His Son, Jesus Christ, and His omnnipresent
Holy Spirit -- the very essence of Goodness Truth and Beauty. Jazz is music that
lifts the spirit and brightens the eyes as you appreciate the precision of its
syncopation, the inter-play of its harmonies and melodies, and the playfulness of
its improvisation.

I think God smiles at me when I smile as I listen.

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