Thursday, July 29, 2004

Why I Will Vote for BUSH

In this 2004 presidential election, several things are
on my mind:

1. I am VERY unhappy about the war in Iraq. I never
supported the decision, and now that our "reasons"
for attacking Iraq have been shown to be hollow,
at best, I am dismayed that the loss of life,
the loss of international Goodwill toward the
U.S., and all the bodily injuries suffered by
so many people, all seems now to be for naught.

2. In support of this War, Bush has secured a ballooned
Defense Spending budget that has sent our Federal
Deficit soaring, nullifying all the work of previous
administrations to balance the federal budget.

3. It has been shown that there never was a substantive
relationship between Al-Quaeda and Iraq, and to the
extent that Bush has directed military resources
(including vast sums of money) and attention to the
war in Iraq, he has effectively weakened the focus
of the US (and our Allies') effort against
international Terrorism.

4. This administration has failed MISERABLY to affect
any real momentum in the Middle East peace process,
and that region is now more inclined to all-out WAR
than it has been since 1967...


As much as I WISH, desperately, for another
Ronald Reagan, or for the prosperity of the 90's that
helped Clinton "look good" on the economic front, WISHES
do not a president make.


I am going to reluctantly place my vote for George W. Bush
in this election, for the following reasons:

1. A vote for George W. Bush is a vote for PRO-LIFE; Kerry
is your typical Massachusetts Liberal, deeply rooted in
all the same Anti-Life, fetus-is-merely-tissue philosophy of
the Left-leaning World View.

2. A vote for George W. Bush is a vote for the traditional
position on Marriage: a covenant before God of One Man
and One Woman, bound together to raise a family and
comprise the fabric of a free society. Again, Kerry's
World View dictates otherwise, and his Supreme Court
appointments, powers of Office, and presidential
endorsements would all come down on what I believe
to be the Wrong side of these important social issues.

3. While Bush has made me realize that even a Republican
can blow the federal budget, at least MILITARY spending
creates Demand (for supplies, parts, labor, technology,
etc.) and Demand creates Jobs. A Liberal like Kerry
(think Jesse Jackson) prefers to spend wads of cash
on flaky Social Programs, and billions simply disappear
with NO truly measurable return.

4. Bush makes no bones about the fact that he is a Christian.
Like it or not, EVERYONE has a World View, and EVERYONE
makes decisions -- even presidential decisions -- which
directly stem from that World View. Kerry, from all
I have read of him and from him, pays lip service to
"religion", but my perception is that this is far less
of a driving passion in his life than that of our
President. The last thing this country needs is a
soul-less, passion-less, jack-of-all-Faiths who is
more interested in "not offending" than in taking
a strong, Conservative, decisive stand on specific
aspects of a specific Faith.