Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama "wins", America LOSES

Today the Congress of the United States approved the largest
and most pork-laden SPENDING Bill that has ever come to the
floor: The much-vaunted, widely-despised "Stimulus Package"
that Obama has pushed so hard for, saying that "only Government"
can resolve the current economic crisis (and that should send a
chill down the spine of anybody who really THINKS about that
statement even for just a minute)...

But, for me, the last straw came this afternoon when the current
Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, hailed today's approval of
the Pork-ulus Bill with a comment that showed her true agenda:
    "This is a remarkable achievement for
    President Barack Obama ... Never before has a president
    passed his first economic policy so boldly."

I thought the primary goal of this Waste-o-Rama was to help
the American people??? I thought it was about JOBS,
about Lay-offs, about people losing their homes, and
about "getting America back on track"???

Turns out the primary concern of his followers was making
Obama look good; the plight of America was manipulated
by Liberals to secure funding for dozens of dead-end projects
that won't "stimulate" anything... Voting on this
Government Gorge-a-thon split the Congress along party lines,
with all the Democrats but 7 (who came to their senses) and
all the Republicans but 3 (who lost theirs) voting "Yea"
and "Nay" respectively...

... clearly demonstrating that Obama Mania Syndrome (this
wild-eyed, giggling-high-school-cheerleader INFATUATION that
Liberals and ignorant Democrats have for him) is worse than
we thought, since even the dire circumstances of millions
of Americans, and the REAL help that they need, is little
more than an whisper amidst the clamor of adulation...

If the Speaker of the House of Representatives, 3rd in line
for the Presidency and ostensibly representative of the
American people cannot respond with anything greater than,
"this is a remarkable achievement for president Barack Obama",
then I must conclude that Liberal politics is indeed
exceedingly blind, these days, to absolutely anything but
its own agenda. Where were the comments along the lines of,
"This will be great for America", or, "We look forward with
great anticipation to helping the American people improve
their lives and brighten their futures", and all sort of other
campaign-trail Jibber-Jabber?? Where was the trademark
Obama clarion call for "hope"?? Everyone knows it would be
complete hoo-hah, but at least it would be FAR more appropriate
in this context than childishly boot-licking their "rock star"...

I try to strike a tone of Grace on this Blog, but today I am
taking an unusual side trail to vent a little about how sick and tired
I am with what we're seeing; and I'm completely fed up
with all the fawning over Obama; and I'm deeply concerned
(though not surprised) about the sprint toward Socialism
and governmental domination that is happening right before
our very eyes: Newsweek says "we are ALL Socialists now",
and oh, have you heard that Obama wants control
over the U.S. Census??
And then there is the so-called
"Fairness Doctrine"... Obama's considering that, too...
And if you've not heard yet of the United Nation's CRC, that's
another disturbing possibility that Obama supports...

We should hold onto our Freedoms loosely, knowing that this
old World was never intended to be our real home anyway; but
today, America LOST even as its president basks in his "victory".

Pathetic. Sad. Is it too early for us Conservatives to start
saying "We TOLD you so"??