Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No, I have not read the Plan

I was at an outdoor event over the weekend and an Obama supporter
came up to me clutching a clipboard and asking me to sign a petition
to help promote Obamacare... As soon as I saw her Obama sticker,
I blurted out, "NO Obamacare!" Somewhat taken aback by my forthrightness,
she asked me, "Have you read the plan?"

"Absolutely not", I said, to which she replied, "Don't you think
everyone should have health coverage? Do you want your health care
costs to continue to rise? Don't you think the current system is
broken?" My answer was the same to all three questions: "Who says
the GOVERNMENT should address these concerns? The LAST people on
the planet to whom we should turn on health care is THIS president,
and THIS Congress, and at THIS time in history. When SANITY and
Sound Judgment have returned to D.C., and when world markets have
stabilized, and when we have Tort reform, and when we finally have
fiscal Accountability curtailing Big Government and its Big Checkbook,
then and only then MAYBE we can CAREFULLY and THOUGHTFULLY
address Health Care. But not one blessed moment sooner."

She apparently wasn't prepared to hear anything but glowing affirmation
for her efforts that day, because she quickly moved away to someone else.

To the criticism that I cannot criticize Obama's health care plan
unless I've read it, I have this simple reply: If the town drunk
came to the town council with a plan to clean up the city, would he
get a hearing? If a local gang approached the town's police chief
with a plan to reduce the crime rate in the area, would they be
taken seriously at all? Well the answer is obvious (or at least it
should be): NO, because they have no credibility.

I have not read one solitary sentence of Obamacare, and I won't, for
the same reason: With his trillion-dollar spending (much of which has
simply VANISHED, according to the CBO) and with his radical
left-wing, socialist/communist associations, and a number of other
very disturbing Realities about Barack Obama, I don't HAVE to read
his plan, because he has no credibility.

And the glazed-eyed, infatuated-cheerleader, Obama Zombie Effect (OZE)
has dulled the minds of quite a few whose comments appear in the media
(and surely many that don't)... Former president Carter calls
anyone who opposes Obamacare a "racist"??? And how about this one:
Julian Epstein, former Democratic counsel to the House Judiciary Committee,
said the Obamacare requirement for every person to carry health
coverage -- or be FINED! -- is no different from requirements to obtain
auto insurance. "It's called personal responsibility," he said.

Does he not see the dissimilarity there? You can just NOT drive, if you
don't have car insurance, and there is no FINE; but you can't stop being
YOU, and if you don't PAY for some Plan, you're FINED (starting at $750).

Seems like anybody even remotely connected to Obama these days has gone
completely off the rails, saying and doing things that has the average
sensible Voter (and TAX PAYER) out in the streets scratching our heads
and saying "HUH???"

These sure are some Looney-Tunes times we're living in!

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