Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Domestic Enemy of the Constitution?

Every single member of Congress swears THIS OATH not only upon taking office
but apparently every few years, as well... This same oath is sworn by all members
of the Armed Forces as they are accepted into the military...

It's eerily relevant to ask, in these times, what would a DOMESTIC "enemy
of the Constitution" look like? Is it possible that that person could be the
president himself? An "enemy" would, I suppose, be anyone who at best simply IGNORES
the Constitution as the supreme guide to any and every decision, and, at worst, actively seeks
to thwart it guidance and usher in an era of "Change" in which
the leadership does whatever it chooses, including speeding the country as quickly
as possible to Socialism and even Communism (step-siblings, of course).

Take note, an ENEMY of the Constitution likely wouldn't fare very well invading the
country with tanks and airplanes and battleships; there would be no flag-waving
battalions of foreign soldiers storming our shores; those would clearly be "Foreign" enemies. A DOMESTIC Enemy of the Constitution would come from inside America herself, a WOLF dressed in Sheep's clothing, delivering nice-sounding speeches with
a smooth tongue, dressing up a Socialist agenda to look like America's "hope"...

On this one-year anniversary of Obama's reign of power, I would submit here that we
have had SEVERAL Enemies of the Constitution in the Oval Office, the two most
notable being FDR and then Obama himself; there have been others, including GW Bush
and his "Patriot Acts" and his ILLEGAL Invasion of Iraq... But perhaps no other
Enemy of the Constitution prior to Obama has been so eager to do so much, so fast,
with so little regard for the Constitution, as the current president; perhaps no
other president has studied Socialist manifestos for so long, gathered to himself
so tight a group of Socialist radicals, and then fooled, bamboozled, and zombi-fied
so many voters than this one.

You see, the CONSTITUTION is the only line in the sand that the American
people HAVE to protect them from Tyranny, Totalitarianism, and, yes, the
RADICAL SOCIALIST AGENDA. Ignore THAT foundational document -- the document written
by the Founders of our country whose primary AIM was to prevent bloated, abusive
government -- and Congress and the Administration can do absolutely whatever they
choose. THAT DOCUMENT is the only weapon any American citizen HAS in the fight to
keep Government off our backs and out of our bank accounts.

Any clear, unbiased reading of the Constitution will show that this Administration,
and this Congress, are far, far LEFT of the designs and intentions of the Founding
Fathers. And as the people are beginning to wake up and realize this -- as we've
seen now in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia -- then the fight to unseat
these Enemies of the Constitution will become more and more pronounced.

Will the fight become a military one? Will a commander in some segment of America's
military take his Oath seriously enough to use the military means at his disposal to
DEFY this Enemy of the Constitution? Worse yet, will there be fighting in the
streets, as a new wave of Federal marshals fan out across the country to enforce
Socialist mandates, and Freedom-loving Americans bring out their guns and resist?
This country was born in blood, and Apathy has brought us again to the point where
this is indeed a serious question.

With God as my witness, I sincerely hope not. "The pen is mightier than the sword",
and may it be so, now... Here are my predictions for the next couple of years:
We will see more Massachusetts-style defeats of Democratic AND Republican
"Progressives"; we will see STATES standing up to this Enemy of the Constitution,
suing the Fed over their mandates; and as a result we will -- finally, 145 years
after the Civil War -- see States taking back MUCH of the power yielded to the Fed
ever since then...

Hopefully, the TRUE America is making a comeback; but if it happens it will only be
because the appropriate Supremacy has been given back to
The Constitution of the United States of America.