Sunday, June 21, 2009

100 Years of Fathers Day

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the creation of what has
come to be celebrated as "Fathers Day" in this country. Read this
interesting, short article to learn how it all began...

I remember how stunned Sharon and I were when our first child
was born - Sarah - in 1998; we kept saying aloud to each other, "Wow
man, we're PARENTS now!!" We realized then that we had crossed one of
the major mile-markers in Life, and we were thrilled at the thought of
what was ahead for us (as well as duly concerned!)... Then we had our
second child - Sam - 16 months later, and we then had what a friend
of mine calls "a King's family" (one girl, one boy; a "complete set").

So I'm feeling a mixture of Joy and Sadness on this Fathers Day, a little
over 11 years after I became one: Joy because I believe I have two of
the greatest kids I could have ever possibly hoped for, and Sadness as
I think of how much I have done and said over these 11 years to fail them
as a father.

I've been too angry, too often; I've not spent as much time with them as
I probably should have; I've said things in front of them that I am
ashamed of; I've sometimes treated their mother disrespectfully and they
saw it; and I've not provided enough spiritual training for them, relying
instead on the church to do it for me. I could go on, of course; seems
like we're never where we ought to be...

But like my own father has said to me, "Failure is an event, never
a person, so I'm contemplating some "improvements" this Fathers Day
and I hope I have the discipline and endurance to carry through on them...

To encourage myself -- and perhaps you, if you're a father too -- along
these lines, check out these resources, here... All three take only about
10 minutes, total, and they're enjoyable... So put on your headphones, click
the links, and ponder with me these ideas on Fatherhood:
    A Father's Love for his son: Watch the VIDEO

    A "father figure" Coaches his Boys: Watch the VIDEO

    Fathers are Models: Watch the VIDEO

So on this Fathers Day, I'm asking God to forgive me for my failures as a
father; and I'm going to forgive myself for past mistakes, and to encourage myself
to do better -- for my KIDS' sake -- starting today.

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