Friday, April 17, 2009

McCarthyism is Back!

In addition to other threats to our Freedoms that I've noted in this Blog,
the news of the past few days has revealed yet another giant leap in the
Obama race toward government domination of the lives of Americans:

We learned this week of the Department of Homeland Security report in which
"right-wing extremists" are now being watched by the U.S. government...

Since the U.S. government tends to abuse whatever power they're given
(we also heard this week a report that the NSA has been abusing the
wire tap powers given to them by the Patriot Act(s)... Gosh, what a shock!),
what this will MEAN, in the very near future, is that the government will
label you as an "Extremist" -- and therefore a "terror threat" -- to the U.S...

...If you, for example, declare that homosexuality (and gay "unions")
are an abomination, or if you are opposed to abortion, or if you go public
with your "limited government" views, or if you proclaim that Jesus is
the only way to God, etc. etc...

Basically, if you're a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN, look out, the government
has branded you as an "Extremist" now, inclined toward "domestic terrorism"
and probably a "threat" to national security...

We've seen this kind of thing before, during the dark years of McCarthyism,
when LABELS could ruin a person's life (and did, in many cases)...

There is a phrase that I am hearing over and over, these days, and it has
never been more true than during these first 80 days of the Obama-nation:
    Those who fail to heed the lessons of history
    are destined to repeat them
All of this helps to strengthen the conviction that putting all our Hope
in anything connected to this world is just so foolish...


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg - I saw the same article, talking about "right-wing extremists", and noticed that they failed to clarify until the very END of the article, just what type of people they were talking about. (And now I can't remember the specific groups, but some of them were definitely fringe movements) But I'm sure many people reading the article were thinking what I was thinking, that in the past "right wing extremist" has been used to describe people like me! How much we must focus on the Word of God and an unwavering faith in Christ during these times - the world and its master would seek to deceive and swallow us up, but praise the Lord, he has already been victorious! Love you!

P.S. THANK YOU for sending me Emily's cd. I love, love, love it, and have been so encouraged by it. I'm jealous that you get to hear her in your worship service!

Greg Kern said...

Hi Charity!

Thanks for posting; be sure to pass the Blog's URL along to your friends and neighbors; maybe someone would find the content here refreshing and inspiring, who knows...

I'll admit that the scary specter I raised in my post isn't QUITE reality, just YET... But I believe it is dangerously close to the kinds of suspension of our Rights and Freedoms that true Americans fear the most...

And to be fair, there was a similar report from DHS regarding "left-wing extremists", you know, environmentalists, etc., whom the government fears might take violent action in support of their agendas... So they weren't "singling out" the Right...

But the point remains the same, and I heard one commentator say it perfectly: We are right to be fearful when the government begins targeting not just violent ACTIONS but also "violent" SPEECH... The same Constitutional freedoms enjoyed by Satanists, Gays, and Flag-burners, etc., are the ones enjoyed by Christians, Hetero's, and "right wing conservatives"...

I'm glad you like Emily's CD! She's very talented, and she is a servant, for sure. If you go to\Links.htm, you can download the electronic version of it in a ZIP file, with MP3's inside, ready for your iPod... Also, the Lyrics to each song are in that ZIP file, too...

We hope you all are doing well! We love ya and miss ya'll! SEND US PICTURES!! :)

Love from all of us,