Monday, November 24, 2008

Pop Goes the Economy

I am resisting, with as much effort as I can muster, a daily urge
to post my thoughts about Obama and what Sean Hannity calls
"Obama Mania Syndrome", this cult-of-personality CRAZE that seems
to be swirling around the country these days... And before
Obama has even spent one single day in office!

Today, though, I just have to say this:
The news today is apparently making it official that the center-piece
of the Obama economic "strategy" is that he IS, after all,
going to soak the rich in order to spread the wealth around,
something we all KNEW is a key component of how he has looked at
economics for a long time (books he's read, people and causes he's
been associated with, statements he has repeatedly made that show his
Socialist orientation, etc.)...

But the key point I want to make is that Obama clearly has no firm
grip on how Economics works, and so his forthcoming economic proposals
reflect more of a pop culture, class-warfare approach,
centered on 2 statements that accompanied the news story today:

"...the Bush tax cuts were disproportionately targeted
to the very wealthiest Americans"

Obama has not shown one single shred of evidence, in the two years
he's been stumping to become president, that any kind of "unfairness"
does or ever did exist in the Tax breaks that the so-called "wealthy" were
granted under President Bush. Instead, his tactic of stirring up mob mentality
among the "less wealthy" (certainly the "poor") is nothing but a mean-spirited
appeal to Envy, as if being "rich" make you Public Enemy #1...

And I bet my lawyer brother would agree that using the word "targeted"
implies INTENT, and Obama would have to demonstrate very clearly that Bush
tipped the federal hat to the "rich" on purpose...

The fact is, most of the "rich" people I know, or have read about, contribute
VERY heavily to Charitable organizations... But Obama needs to DEMONSTRATE the
"disproportion" in Bush's tax breaks; if all he means is that "wealthy" folks
got more BACK, any high schooler could explain to him the very BASIC
fact that if you paid more in, you get more back...

"...those who were making more than a quarter million dollars
a year can afford to pay a little more"
What??? Here again, this appeal of, "they're rich and we're not!" is
ridiculously immature when it forms a major component of a
"presidential" platform on economics... How does OBAMA know what any
"wealthy" person "can afford"?? And who does he think he is to presume
that a certain Income level automatically means that more should be going to
the government??

If I were among those "wealthy" who makes more than $250K annually, I would be
furious, and my attitude would be, "It's none of your BUSINESS, Obama, what I CAN
and can NOT afford to pay in taxes, and how DARE you presume to be able to see into
my personal finances!"

One thing that I learned during the campaign: Many small businesses
file Taxes as "Personal", or "Sole Proprietor", and if they make over
$250K annually, as many of them do, guess what?? Obama's "punish the wealthy"
approach to economics will target the very businesses that are the strength
of the American economy... So in trying to "save" the economy, he will
be destroying its core, and of course he'll blame someone else...

So name your Cult Guru: Britney Spears? Puff Daddy? Mr. Bean? Kid Rock?
Apparently ANYBODY can put an "economic policy" out there, and whether it
makes sense or not, whether it demonstrates an understanding of basic
economic principles or not, if the Facebook-driven, Text-message-sending,
Post Modern masses like how it sounds -- when the Mob has its torches lit
and everyone is shouting for blood -- then apparently what's "popular"
trumps what makes the best sense...

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