Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our journey toward BLESSEDNESS

It struck me the other day that there is a significant difference
between "Blessed", pronounced "BLEST", and BLESSED, pronounced
more intentionally as "BLESS-sed"...

When we say, for example, "My, aren't we BLEST to live in this
great old house, on this beautiful street," and, "we're so BLEST
to have food and clothing in abundance," or even, "count your
Blessings", we mean the very good Fortune that Providence has
granted to us... We intend, essentially, a call to Thankfulness...

But "BLESS-sed" has a much higher meaning:
defines "BLESS-sed", in the sense I am using it here, as
    sacred; sanctified
    worthy of reverence or worship
    blissfully contented

Used as such, the word begins to describe Saints, both the
very few among us who are far along in their process of
Sanctification, as well as the Saintliness that will be
characteristic of all Christians when, in Glory, we are
finally and eternally perfected...

So then, to become "BLESS-sed" is both the end Result of
God's work in us, someday ("...He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion..."), as well as the motivation
for our journey through this life ("...that your love may abound
more and more in knowledge and depth of insight...")...

As we meditate on this startling distinction, then, notice how
it helps us understand, in a whole new way, Jesus' famous exposition
on BLESS-sed-ness, the "Beatitudes" in Mathew 5:
    "BLESS-sed" keeping in mind this higher meaning
    "are the" difficult circumstance in this life
    "for they will" ultimate Reward in Glory

So it would seem that Jesus is holding up BLESS-sed-ness as
our ultimate "Soul state", to be desired above all else; He is also
pointing out that the way to this state involves suffering in the present;
and he is very specific about the benefits of one day achieving this state...

This, then, is what we have to look forward to:
    We will possess, in some sense, Christ's kingdom
    We will be (supremely) comforted
    We will inherit (have passed down to us) the Earth
    We will will be filled with Righteousness
    We will be shown Mercy
    We will see God (!)
    We will be called SONS of God
    and again, We will possess, in some sense, Christ's kingdom

Our pastor Ron preached a series on the Beatitudes not long ago;
THIS ONE, in particular, on Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousnes,
was particularly profound to me...

I have been challenging myself to set my gaze on becoming BLESS-sed,
to finally, once and for all and forever, be made complete and then
to be welcomed into the presence of almighty God; and I continually
ask God's forgiveness for the many times -- often daily -- that my
attention is diverted to sinful, foolish, temporal things...

And may God grant me the humility and the wisdom to be His instrument
in helping those around me -- my wife? my kids? my church family? --
achieve BLESS-sed-ness, too...

No matter what it takes... No matter what we have to give up...
No matter what we may have to go through... Isn't the state of
BLESS-sed-ness worth paying ANY price to achieve??

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Andrew Clarke said...

I think you're quite right, Greg. The state of Blessedness IS worth paying any price to achieve. I can see why Jesus used to radical example of "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off". This is not an instruction to self mutilate, but to deny those parts of yourself which may lead you to sin. One of my sons loves music, but found himself challenged to step back from it because it could disrupt his focus on his Christian walk. I'm glad you drew my attention to your site. I've tagged it as a favorite to go back and visit again. Blessings.