Friday, October 13, 2006

God's Disco Ball

If this analogy strikes you as rather silly, and is of no help
to you in your search for meaning and for the knowledge of
God, then discard it and look elsewhere; but for what it's worth,
consider the idea that each of us has as our ultimate destiny
the becoming of a single mirror on God's cosmic "disco ball"...

Simply put, a disco ball is a sphere made of numerous tiny
mirrors attached to a frame; as the ball spins, the mirrors catch
light that is cast on the whole, creating interesting patterns of
reflected light from the many mirrors which make up the ball...

Each and every tiny mirror on the ball is unique, both in
its position on the ball and its particular reflection of light
at any one moment during the spinning...

Each human Soul was created by God with the potential
to reflect back to God His own Light -- His GLORY -- as we are
someday grafted back into His very being... Indeed, we are most
fully "ourselves" as we reject our own purposes -- being our
own tiny mirrors with our own fulfillment as our primary goal --
and yield to the refining process that makes it possible to
reflect His glory, not so that WE can be noticed but so that
HE can be more completely and gloriously reflected IN us...

Much more depth on this concept can be found by reading about
how mirrors are made; spend a few minutes reading about mirrors
HERE and also HERE...

Jesus said that whoever loses his life for Jesus' sake will find it,
and the broader message of the Gospel is RESSURECTION:
Dying and then being raised to a new KIND of Life, Life that says
"Not my will but THINE be done..."

As each of us submits -- even daily -- to the death of our own fulfillment,
we find Ultimate fulfillment in becoming what we were originally made
to be: Unique expressions of the Glory of God, fitly reflecting back
to Him His own Light...

Every choice we make, every single day, either dulls and smudges
the mirror a bit, or polishes and buffs it a bit (hence the idea of
purification through, sometimes, Suffering), toward the ultimate end
of being either full of own own darkness or full of His light...

There is one important way in which the "disco ball" analogy
breaks down: I said above that God's Glory will be reflected IN us...
Actually, His Glory will be reflected THROUGH us: In God's
"disco ball", the Source of the light comes from INSIDE the ball,
not outside it; in that sense, then, we will be more like PRISMS than
mirrors, and the incredible "light show" that we will enjoy and
participate in and celebrate, for all eternity, will be profoundly beautiful...

The process of "Metamorphosis" (Romans 12:2), condensed and
exemplified for us in the single historical, bodily Ressurection
of Jesus from death, is the entire Gospel in a nutshell: YOU have
Identity and Meaning and Purpose and Value precisely because there is
a place on that "disco ball" which you are -- if you CHOOSE -- destined
to occupy; reject that, refuse to die and be raised, and you will end up
reflecting your own darkness, which of course is no reflection at all;
mirrors (and prisms) devoid of any Light are just useless hunks of rock...

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