Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's OKAY to Cry

There are two emotional experiences (among others) that
we humans sometimes have, which differentiate us not only
from the animals but also from machines (which today's
computer scientists are trying to make more "life-like"):

Weeping and Laughter.

When was the last time you wept? What was it about?
There is a big difference between being an Emotional person --
someone whose automatic, knee-jerk reaction to most of the
circumstances in their life is primarily an emotional one --
and being someone who regularly and deeply experiences
contextually-appropriate Emotions related to the things they
are thinking about or going through...

As these thoughts are applied to the Gospel, and to World Views
in general, I'll ask a more specific question: When was the last
time your World View moved you so deeply and profoundly
that you found yourself weeping over it? You might respond
that you're not "an emotional person", but, given the distinction
made above, does this then mean that you don't experience
Emotions at all? Or does it mean that your World View doesn't
stir you to any profound level? Perhaps it means that you've
just not thought out your World View to the extent that it
reaches you, emotionally??

From time to time, I have the experience where I'm relaxing
somewhere (often late in the evening, after hockey, as I'm
kicked back with a cold one or two, outside enjoying the
evening air), I'll be listening to some worshipful Christian tunes
on my iPod, and then a sermon from someone who speaks from
a Grace-saturated perspective... The music relaxes my mind
and softens my heart, and then the sermon touches on my
World View, and then one more Christian song to finish it...

I am not at all ashamed to admit that sometimes, after the sermon
and when the first few bars of the last song begin to play,
I do weep, and here's why:

One of the strongest reasons I hold the Christian World View
has to do with its Beauty: It is comprehensive, complete, reasonable,
and also extraordinarily beautiful, and it satisfies both the
Intellectual as well as Emotional sides of my being... Remember
the scene from the movie "Contact", when Jodie Foster's
character sees the beautiful Worlds in deep Space as she flies
toward them in the capsule her team built? She absolutely weeps
over how beautiful they are, saying, "they should've sent a Poet"
(as opposed to a Scientist - herself - on this mission...)...

The Gospel is like that: Once you actually SEE it, in all its Beauty
and Grandeur and Grace, how can anyone who understands it
and has any Emotions at all not be moved to tears by it?

Of course, the challenge is to then let the Gospel infuse every
aspect of my life and accelerate the process of Change in me,
for the glorification of God Himself, the very point of becoming
a Christian in the first place... I'm no good at that part, at all, but
I'm workin' on it...

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