Monday, October 25, 2004

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Tobin James (T.J.) said...

Hey Uncle Greg. Whats up? did you bring your laptop to Dallas? (Stars and Blues suck at hockey)
As of the 26 we will be watched by Grandma AKA your mom
(She wants you to contact us if you can at your own leisure)
Too much chaos to call you on Christmas Day & didnt have your number @ Johnny and Lisa's


Greg Kern said...

Hey TJ!

Wassup, dude....

Sharon talks to my Mom all the time, so I'm sure
they've exchanged whatever info Mom wants to pass
along... that being said, though, I'll try to contact
her... FYI, Lisa's number is: 972-270-9910...

Doesn't look like ANY of us are going to have Hockey
any time soon, eh? (At least not from the NHL...)
I wish those Players would catch a CLUE and come
back to work! I miss watching the Greatest Game On
Earth, on my TV...

Later man!

(PS: Email is: